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Women: Cut Your Risk of Heart Disease by 1/3!


               Dr. Wardius Reading PA dentist asks: Do you know the leading cause of death among women? The leading killer of American women is … heart attacks, stroke and other types of cardiovascular disease. Surprised that it is not cancer? An average American woman is 10-times more likely to die of heart disease or stroke than breast cancer! A study of nearly 7,000 people, aged 44-88 years enrolled in the Health and Retirement Study at University of California at Berkeley, has revealed a simple method to decrease a woman’s risk of death. Women who went to a general dentist during the previous two years reduced their risk of cardiovascular problems by at least one-third. At our Reading PA dental office, all our patients hear about the link between oral and cardiovascular health.

Wardius Center for Dental Cosmetics has long recognized the associations between dental care and cardiovascular disease. According to study lead author Dr. Timothy Brown, at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health, “general dental care leads to fewer heart attacks, strokes, and other adverse cardiovascular outcomes in a causal way.” This study asked whether subjects had visited the dentist and whether they had experienced a heart attack, stroke, angina or congestive heart failure during the prior two years. Deaths from heart attacks or strokes were also included in the analysis. The study included other risk factors, such as alcohol and tobacco use, high blood pressure and body mass index.

For dental care to have a protective effect in women, it should occur early in the development of cardiovascular disease. In our Reading PA dental office, we stress the importance of preventive services, such as examinations and professional, gentle cleanings at every stage of life. Dr. Wardius may recommend two to four yearly cleaning visits to our Reading PA office, as well as brushing and flossing at least twice a day. Those wearing dentures should make sure they stay clean to prevent the growth of bacteria, and visit our office yearly for oral health maintenance and denture check.

So, while you are thinking about cutting down on calories, salt and fat in your diet, exercising and controlling your blood pressure to improve your heart health, don’t forget a simple tip to cut your risk of heart disease and stroke by 33% – see your dentist! And don’t forget to SMILE!

We care about your oral health.

Wardius Center for Dental Cosmetics

All-On-4 Dental Implants


Two days ago we announced the exciting news that Dr. Wardius had Trade Marked his retro fit procedure for the all-on-4 prosthesis. Today I thought I'd share a patients All-On-4 story with you. We first saw her in 2007, she had rampant decay in teeth that had already been restored by her previous dentist. She was sedated, the decay was removed and her mouth fully restored again. We saw her off and on for cleaning appointments and then it had been awhile since she had been in. She called to schedule an appointment because she was having problems again. When she came in and we did an examination and x-rays we found rampant decay once again. At this point she had a decision to make, was it cost productive and smart to go ahead and restore the teeth for the 3rd time in only 6 years, or was her better option the All-On-4. Due to her young age, 30, and the painful condition her mouth was always in, the All-On-4 was discussed.  Dr. Wardius felt like over the years she would spend an enormous amount of money doing the same work over & over and it would lead to more root canals and eventually extractions. He felt the All-On-4 would give her the best quality of life and also help her self esteem (which was low because she Never wanted to smile). She discussed it with her family and they agreed with Dr. Wardius and all felt like this was the best option for her. Last week we performed the surgery and she is doing Fantastic!!  The fact that she can now smile with confidence has already begun to change her life! We are all excited to see her at her post op visit!

Dr. Wardius Trade Marks His Retro Fit Technique


We are very excited at the Wardius Center for Dental Cosmetics. The major benefit to having the All-On-4 treatment done in our office is Dr. Rob's Retrofit Technique™. Dr. Wardius has been using his retro fit technique for some time giving his All-On-4 patients a more comfortable, better outcome to the procedure. He has now trade marked the technique and will be teaching it to other Doctors around the country. The All-On-4 is the most exciting and life changing implant procedure in dentistry today.

"Laugh and the whole world laughs with you; snore and you sleep alone"


Perhaps 10% of adults snore. Although most of those afflicted have no serious medical consequences, habitual snoring can be the first indication of the potentially life-threatening disorder obstructive sleep apnea.
It is estimated that more than 38,000 people in the U.S. die each year from the effects of obstructive sleep apnea.
Don't wait to take action. Don't ignore the problem. Don't put off treatment. Sleep apnea can lead to heart failure, stroke, seizures, and even sudden death. Your first step will be a screening, exam, and sleep test. The results of these tests will diagnose you as a snorer (no apnea), mild apnea sufferer, moderate apnea sufferer,  or severe apnea sufferer. There are several options for any one of the diagnosis, from a CPAP to an oral appliance to surgery .
For most people who are given the CPAP as their option, two things may happen: 1) they hate wearing it and don't get a good nights sleep, or 2) they become uncompliant and don't wear it. Either way it does not make for a healthy outcome.
Fortunately for them and Snorers without apnea there is an alternative!!! The Moses is an oral appliance you wear that fits comfortably in the mouth and allows you to breath correctly. This oral appliance has changed the lives of many snorers and sleep apnea sufferers alike.
The Moses is now available through our office! So if you Hate your CPAP, if you think you may have sleep apnea, or you are a snorer, give us a call (610-779-0942) to see if The Moses is right for you.

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